T@B Trailer Tents Now Available For Immediate Delivery!

Our popular TAB Trailer Tent is now available in silver, red, and black trim colors, and ready for immediate delivery!  Clamshell models and customer color options are still available through our Custom Shop!  Call now for details – 888.700.TENT










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2 Responses to T@B Trailer Tents Now Available For Immediate Delivery!

  1. Penny Prater says:

    We have a T@b trailer with tent we purchased last summer. We have only used our tent 3 times This last weekend….. We experienced leakage from the ceiling. Two days of steady gentle rain. The Ceiling of the tent pocketed rain and eventually started leaking on our sleeping bags. Are their any support beams available to help give the ceiling firmness as to not pocket. It didn’t matter how may times we tightened the guy lines it still held water. Also when taking down the tent the pole in the front broke. We have only used this tent three times. When put up it is a nice size room, however not very sturdy. Any suggestions.

    Penny and John Prater

    • Hi Penny – Very Sorry to hear about the problem. Please call us toll-free at 888.700.TENT (8368) and we will offer a few solutions for this. Please ask for Jason when you call.
      Thank you!

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