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Cooky Jason’s June Recipe – Quesadillas

Quickin’ Quesadillas As far as quick snacks go, you can’t get much simpler than the awesome quesadilla. In its most basic form it’s only two ingredients: a tortilla shell and cheese. And it takes about 3 minutes to make and … Continue reading

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Celestial Navigator – June 2015

How to Photograph the Moon If you own a DSLR or a point and shootwith an optical zoom, I’m sure that every once in a while you see a beautiful moon and you think about taking a picture of it, … Continue reading

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The Gear Doctor – June 2015

The Gear Doctor E-Z Tent Pole Repair Have you ever been in your cozy sleeping bag, and heard that dreaded and sudden “snap”?   If it’s late at night in a windstorm, this can be a big problem if you’re not prepared.  Here … Continue reading

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Camping Ideas to Fit Your Schedule and Budget

With warmer weather now upon us, it is time to make some awesome camping memories! What are your plans to get outdoors this month?  If you can’t decide, here are three ideas that just might help get you camping! It … Continue reading

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